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 Posted: Jan 4 2014, 03:42 AM
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01. please register your character in all uppercase and with the name being first last in terms of format. don't worry if you do make a mistake in registering, just let the admin know so that we can get to it as soon as we can. do make sure that your play by is not taken, because it's such a hassle to find out you can't use them and you end up not continuing. after registering, head off to the application and fill it up, and then over to the face and other claims as well as shipping. we'll try to get to it a soon as possible. Also note that we require multi-character group shippers per user to save up thread space in the shipper thread. See some of the shipper threads created by the admins if you're confused with what a multi-shipper is.

02. activity is really important to us, and do make sure that after registering that you can handle it, and you aren't going to just going to poof out of nowhere without letting us know where you are. as for that, regular activity checks will be held to make sure of the site being optimal, so do look out for that as we will have them every 16th of the month and they will last for four days. Make sure to stay active or else the admins will take note of lack of activity with certain characters and we have full right to revoking characters with lack of activty.

03. we allow our members to have no limits in terms of characters, as long as you don't go overboard and make sure you can handle them. However you require admin permission to create new characters. You don't need a certain amount of posts but you must pm an admin to let us know if you're gonna make a character so we can take note. there is also face claim rule where the age of the character must be pretty close to the character's age, usually around 4-5 younger or older, really just depends on race and other factors. the site deals with mature [m] stuff, so make sure you can handle the sex, the drugs, and the rock and roll. Remember there will be a few if not many kinky threads so be mindful that you might stumble onto something you don't want to read.

04. no godmodding, as well as controlling someone else's character without their permission, and anything else that would probably ruin the fun for the people on the site. remember, the more unique and the more you let whatever happens to them happen, then it's more than fine.

05. as for threading, we're a rapid fire site, so anything aside from one liners are fine. we'd love if you match your thread partner, however if you find it difficult, then i guess your partner would understand. we all know we have those off days. also we are a dohtml site please when posting use a code. we will be posting a few simple ones and links to sites that supply them. sorry we just feel posting without one is lazy and if we come across a thread not templated you will be warned three times before your account is deactivated for a span of three days. if this is done twice then on the third you will be banned.

06. i personally have little tolerance for being disrespectful to other members of the site or starting drama or bringing it into our world. we are not some reality tv show or a high school so please leave the drama to mtv.

07. make all avatars size 210X350. also please use an icon when you post in the c-box. if you do not you will be banned from c-box for two weeks.

08. this rule is changing this time around so as some of you may know the greek gods make an appearance in the dc verse a few times. we will be allowing them here but no other gods. most of the heroes are already godlike so having too many gods would be a bit much.

09.this is also a warning that if you have six canon characters you are not allowed to make anymore. No worries this may reopen at some point but we are not allowing more than six canon's per player.

10. while using the icc one must have no less than 50 posts on that character and again please please please always use a gif in the c-boxes or Chris will have a fit and we would like you to not poke the dragon.

11. the rest is pretty common and obvious and just something an rper must know. that is all.

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