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 would you be my hero?, Clark/Chris
 Posted: Oct 30 2015, 09:45 AM
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You are never out being part of something, right? Even if I try, I cannot be away from the Bats and all their messed up life. After all, I didn't change my alias or left the Titans. Avoiding Dick is usefull, since he doesn't care. Staying away from Batman is easier, but once in a while I bump into some aspect of his life. This time was Clark Kent. Last time I heard about him, Bruce told me they weren't seeing each other. But it has been like years untill I talked to Jimmy Olsen and knew that old habits die hard. Besides, when I talked to Clark, we were up for something else than just chatting.

So, in order to know what was going on and see for myself how things were going between him and Jimmy before I do something I regret, I went to see Superman himself. What would be the best way to know it all than asking him? Then, I thought that the Daily Planet in the evening would be a neutral place for metting him, with the excuse of the "grindr date", which I was curious how it would be. Since just Bruce fucked me years ago, I never had anybody else doing it. And, by what Dick told, it was an experience since his size. That description made me a little nervous. But, in the end, even if I can't know anything from Clark, at least I would finally put him in my list.

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