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 I Got A Deeper Love, Tag: Open
Timothy Song
 Posted: Oct 6 2015, 03:16 AM
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Red Robin

He really needed to move out of this place, but if it were not for him Mr. Pennyworth would have offed himself long ago as soon as that retchest little cur that was parading as the latest Robin. The young detective was fixing breakfast for two not sure why when Kon was spending some much needed time with Papa Kent and all his dramatics with trying to get Jon into school.

He was to busy to notice the footsteps of another he had to carry a gun because of his job, but he was the best Robin around there was no reason for him to have a gun on him in his own home. "Young Master Drake there is someone in the foyer for you." Tim turned startled a little turning to smile at the aged man before him. His smile formed a grin. "You are nearly as bad as Bruce with sneaking up on people Alfred."

He put the last of the french toast on the island and walked past Alfred. "Please eat something. I don't need you to wait on me. Remember unlike Bruce I can cook for myself and answer doors." He gave the old man a peck on the cheek before he walked down the hall and out into the foyer in nothing but a pear of Superboy sweats. He looked at the person standing there fixing his glasses.

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