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 My King, Tag: Hyperion | Ryou
 Posted: Oct 12 2015, 08:05 AM
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Terror Squad

Back from saving Jake the titan sat at his desk going over a massive amount of paperwork. He was feeling a little iffy about Jake at the moment. He was more worried about him now that he was safe and out of the evil scientist's hands. He ran his fingers through his black curls which turned blonde as com came on and Cole was asking him to come to a mandatory meeting the shareholders were holding. His eyes skimmed the pages in front of him and he sighed being slightly more annoyed than he was when he first sat down.

Christian had lost his humanity if you will his time away from humans and being in the middle of a battle streken planet made him adapt. He was Atlas almost every hour of the day now and this meeting was for the humans to try and reprimand him for his absence for five years. He walked from his office to meet his son who stood at the meeting room's doors. He was not in the mood for this, but he would deal with it swiftly and return to work.

He let the humans voice their issues with him until one said something he didn't care for. He had be tapping a pen on the table the whole time they spoke and in his rage he flung the pen sending it through the human's skull and through the glass window behind him. He sighed standing and with a wave his his hand looked the room. "I am bored with all of you and your usefulness has run out. After I make you all rip one another to shreds I am going to make sure your entire bloodline suffers a fate far worse. You ants are nothing to me."

One man tried to run for the doors but another grabbed him and flung him into the cracking window where the pen escaped and the glass shattered slicing him into small pieces splattering blood all over. Atlas smiled for a moment as his eyes started to glow and the room erupted in screams of horror that could be heard in the streets. He was finally himself again the Destroyer of planets and a man without mercy.

He stood and walked to the door opening it and the blood flowed out into the hall. He was covered in it as he walked passing cole and his staff as if it were nothing. The door to his office swung open as he walked inside. It tried to close behind him but someone prevented it. Soon he felt himself being slammed into the wall with a hand closing around his neck and another pinning his hands above his head. His blood splattered face shocked as his eyes grew wider at the man before him.

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