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 Wolf Art: Shower Sex {m}, Tag: Garf | Mike
 Posted: Oct 12 2015, 09:38 AM
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he is having bad dreams

The man tossed and turned for most of the night. He never really had strange dreams until that night after the blood moon. He thought these were just random out of the blue eating too late dreams, little did he know the dreams were visions from his past. Emmett’s magic erased his memories every hundred years to help him fit into society better. He had no recollection of who his true self was he only remembered he was a werewolf who was able to use magic. His mind's found ways of bringing out certain memories when they were needed such as his ability to speak any language known to man.

He blinked as the midday sun woke him from his slumber. Emmett worked late into the night most of the time so it really wasn’t that odd for him to be sleeping beyond noon and with a day off on top of that he would normally sleep past three in the evening. He rolled his shoulders and neck as he sat up in the bed his hair a mess which made him gasp. He pulled all the covers off his body and swung his hairy legs out to land his feet on the cold wooden floor boards. The wolf man stood and stretched a bit before heading to the shower. His bathroom was attached to his bedroom so he really didn’t need to move but so far.

Once inside he turned on the music system and moved to turn the shower on. He slid the Andrew Christian pink briefs off and tossed them into the chute before he stepped into the shower. The steam filling the room as he let the water fall over him he stood right under the faucet letting the water run down his muscles soothing his aching body from the little sleep he had gotten. He tried his best to not wake Garfield but when he felt those little hand on his back rubbing it he knew he had failed and work the little one from his slumber. "Sorry for waking you."

☆how many licks does it take☆
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