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 REINING HIM IN, Tag Christian/Xane
 Posted: Nov 4 2015, 03:32 PM
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He turned his attention to Atlas when he jumped off, watching him before he vanished. Of course it was easy to feel the man behind him the moment he worked his way into his pants. He grunted some a bit and his dick still laid flaccid even as he touched it. He arched a bit when he pressed into him, groaning again. As Christian spoke, he listened. Helios? He must mean Cole. Damn kid was always around his place actually. Which as Slade thought more about it he honestly didn't mind the Titan being around. Except the pure matter how damn daft he was. That bothered Slade so much he wanted to smack him over the head with his hilt of his pistol half the time. He wanted to give a snorted sneer at what he said about Adrian and fucking him in two but the end of the sentence made his head slightly turn towards him. Kill and Torture? That's his ball game alright.

He felt the rocking now, giving another rough grunt and he honestly wasn't hard, until those damn fingers sent jolts through his nipples and he bit his tongue to hold in a gasp. That along did it; his dick shot straight up, now welcoming the strokes with it. He gave a short huff but there was a curl of a smile on his lips as he gazed or at least tried to, at him. "You take, all the damn fun away...when you read minds." he growled softly, still trying not to moan or give any real sounds of pleasure just yet. It was clear in his voice he was struggling just a bit with it."Are you thinking I don't have enough control over my own pleasure?" He didn't snap but he had stated it firmly. He felt that damn nuzzle and wanted to smack something. Cuddling was never his thing. When he summoned the clay soldiers for Adrian, Slade didn't want to miss that. So he watched and then listened to him when he was back to talking wit him, still struggling to control his urge to cum.

The moment he started talking, Slade knew so much that it was running in his head. He did nothing but research on these aliens and the one thing he did find was how imperial gold affected him. Only problem was actually harvesting and obtaining it. Not that he wanted to kill any of them. Slade always wanted to have his bases drawn. He gave another snort. He knew that way too well. The moment he met Christian and how the man actually made his favorite damn gun into chains to tie him up in. That still pissed him off. it was his favorite. His face was blank from it but that thought was fresh in his mind. His ears instantly turned in the moment he asked him to stand by his side or become cat food. He looked at the cat. "I'd give the damn cat a stomach ache." he grumbled roughly before smirking. He was just about to answer Christian until Adrian began to speak. His eyes were glaring at him and come to think of it, Slade's hands were not doing anything. Without hesitation he unsheathed the sword Christian himself had given him and pointed it straight at Adrian's neck, arm still and locked in place."You want to disrespect me again? I don't give a rat's ass that you could break me in two but the least you can do is not treat me like some peasant when I can use 100% of my brain and you can't even compute." He snarled, the fact of Christian was still stroking him, didn't change that he was very hard. Oh he defiantly was. But he didn't like being talked down to, not one bit."I will not hesitate to shove this sword straight up your fucking windpipe. He growled, getting even harder at the thought of it. Damn he was a sadist sometimes.

 Posted: Nov 7 2015, 03:46 AM
© Chris [Greedy] // Offline
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He continued stroking Slade his lips pulling at the man's ear as he spoke to Adrian. This wasn't something he really cared about as Adrian could take care of himself. But he was now enjoying how defensive Slade was. It was nice to see him this way. It meant he had buttons that could be pushed and doesn't see someone more powerful than he as superior. He liked this spark the man posses and he pulled his hand off of his cock and stopped playing with him. He stepped between Slade and Adrian.

Atlas leaned back against his brother's chest and looked up at Slade as he was shorter than the man currently. "Oh you are making me hard with this display which I don't mind.He pulled Adrian's hands to his cock. [b]"Come on brother you know we can't let that go to waste and I mean if I don't get my way now I will turn this planet into a barren wasteland and snuff out all life as you know it. So please me now or incur my wrath."

The ground under him started to crack and dry out and the trees around him slowly started to die as people on the streets started to decay as the walked crumbling into ash. He pushed himself into Slade leaning up to kiss him deeply forcing his tongue into the man's mouth as he rubbed his stiff cock against Slade's his body warm as it gave off electrical pulses into Slade's. He broke the kiss and looked up at Slade. "So are you going to say no to me or are you going to give me what I want Mr. Wilson?" He knew Adrian would because he felt a connection to this planet and Hyperion would blame him for it's death if he didn't give in to his baby brother.

 Posted: Nov 7 2015, 08:51 PM
© Jordan [Power Versatile] // Offline
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There was something...odd...about the sword Slade pointed at him. Adrian could not tell what it was, but he could feel it and wondered what his brother's plan was to give the human such a blade before his disappearance to be replaced by his younger self. Still, he wasn't afraid and would never be of him regardless of what he held in his hands or how he threatened him because he would always be superior to him. So, he simply smirked and looked at him and did not move a muscle or utter a word otherwise.

Of course, Atlas simply enjoyed it and was turned on by it, reminding Adrian that his brother was as insatiable as he was bloodthirsty at this stage of his life. "You know I can never refuse an offer like that, brother. He said as he knelt down and dove in to eat his brother's ass with a ravenous hunger while Atlas kissed and continued to stroke Slade from the other side.. After a few moments, he got up and pushed in two fingers to ready his brother's hole while twisting his nipples with the other as he leaned in to nibble and bite along Atlas' neck, licking and kissing the golden blood that welled up. He sent the water he contained out among the dry earth to counteract his brother's effect, even if it was just a partial effort. He pushed in a third finger as he looked at Slade and said as he continued to pleasure his brother "Even now, he will rip your clothes off and just hold you down to have you, so you might as well get undressed on your own now to save us all some time. and frustration.

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