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quote: I'm my own person, I control my own fate, nobody else is going to tell me different. If you don't like it- well, you can burn!
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Oct 18 2015, 04:25 PM
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Oct 12 2015, 06:56 PM
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all jake wanted to do is fly over to chinatown in gotham and get some fucking chinese food that didn't take like complete shit. but no, somebody had to ruin his night. some stupid teenagers that never saw jake there started giving him a hard time. but you see, jake was a hot head. like his father. especially lately. as soon as one touched jake, he broke his hand and threw him through the glass window and was now stepping out onto the streets with a look that could kill. "you... really shouldn't fuck with people you don't understand." he hand flames coming out of his hands, fire started to catch on the building going down the street as people starting to scream and run away in fear.

Oct 5 2015, 10:41 AM
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you're gonna miss me when i'm gone

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it had been nearly two years since jacob summers was taken away from his family by these corrupt scientists in order to experiment on him and find out exactly what makes him tick. being hanf human, he was not like his other family members. most titans that are born can quickly grow into adulthood within days. but being half human, jake aged like a normal person and will keep aging until he's finally done and will remain in that appearance for the rest of his days. he's still immortal, in some ways. but these scientists, they figured out what it was that makes a titan fall weak. and now these scientists were using it to really get down to business.
two years felt more like twenty, sitting there day after day with no either no strength or not even being awake. they had to keep him unconscious for several days before they had confirmed his weakness otherwise jake could have escaped easily with his powers. but not since that day they used a certain ore under greek to do their experiments. they made tools out of it, they cut jake open, they peeked around at places they had no right to look, all for the sake of their science. they tortured the teenage titan and he wasn't sure how much more he could take.
after they were finally done cutting him open to look around, luckily jake could heal once the tools were away and out of sight. but they had to make sure he would not wake. after he healed, they put him in a large tube with a face mask on, feeding him the essence that made him so weak as he floated in a tube of liquid like some science experiment. they left him unattended while the scientists were done for the day. but where was this facility doing all these things to him? well, on mars of course. what could be more cliche than an underground lab used for researching aliens?

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335 words

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left this open for other summers relatives but mainly this is at least for christian<3

Sep 11 2014, 04:05 PM
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trying on his new clothes the day before starting at smallville high, of all schools, jake glanced at the time and noticed it was finally dark outside. and jon was still out doing some kind of work with the farm. he was always doing some chore. jake flew down the staircase and outside to the barn where he saw his lover moving haystacks. jake smirked over to him "you know, i have some pretty super strength too if you need some help with this stuff." he grinned and walked over to him. "it's getting late and you've been at this all day. come on, we start school tomorrow. don't you think you've done enough for one day?" he smiled, putting his arms around jon's neck and pressing close again him.
Jun 8 2014, 03:53 AM
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jake decided to take a break from all the chaos in his life and actually stop by one of his normal high school friends that he made the past few years when he would just go to school and act like a human, blend in with the crowd. he was fairly popular, but in light of recent events he hadn't exactly been involved with school very much, but he tried his best. after jake left his friend's house, he decided to just walk home and enjoy the cool night air. he started walking through metropolis park and he then suddenly he was stopped in his track when the bugs cam zipping down from high above the sky and landed around him. there wasn't that many, maybe a dozen or two. he couldn't understand what they were saying, because whatever was coming out of their mouths wasn't anything close to english. he couldn't even read their mind as they looked like they were about to attack. "you fuckers just don't quit, do you?" he asked, looking around, waiting for them to make the first move.
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