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Oct 16 2015, 03:41 AM
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Was he a monster?He asked himself that question daily, but then he remembered that he was a being above humans beyond the reach of mankind. He was the embodiment of war and the war looming on the horizon needed his touch his flair and the blood of anyone that defied hm. He needed more human scientist to experiment on and he wanted to make sure they suffered while being abducted. <p>

Floating above Star Labs he closed his eyes and enter Slade's mind summoning the man before him to hover in the air as he did. The blonde's golden hair blew in the breeze as he looked on his assassin. "You enjoying that new eye of yours Mr. Wilson?" He asked as he smirked seeing that Cole had recently played with his toy.<p>

Oct 12 2015, 08:05 AM
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Back from saving Jake the titan sat at his desk going over a massive amount of paperwork. He was feeling a little iffy about Jake at the moment. He was more worried about him now that he was safe and out of the evil scientist's hands. He ran his fingers through his black curls which turned blonde as com came on and Cole was asking him to come to a mandatory meeting the shareholders were holding. His eyes skimmed the pages in front of him and he sighed being slightly more annoyed than he was when he first sat down. <p>

Christian had lost his humanity if you will his time away from humans and being in the middle of a battle streken planet made him adapt. He was Atlas almost every hour of the day now and this meeting was for the humans to try and reprimand him for his absence for five years. He walked from his office to meet his son who stood at the meeting room's doors. He was not in the mood for this, but he would deal with it swiftly and return to work. <p>

He let the humans voice their issues with him until one said something he didn't care for. He had be tapping a pen on the table the whole time they spoke and in his rage he flung the pen sending it through the human's skull and through the glass window behind him. He sighed standing and with a wave his his hand looked the room. "I am bored with all of you and your usefulness has run out. After I make you all rip one another to shreds I am going to make sure your entire bloodline suffers a fate far worse. You ants are nothing to me."<p>

One man tried to run for the doors but another grabbed him and flung him into the cracking window where the pen escaped and the glass shattered slicing him into small pieces splattering blood all over. Atlas smiled for a moment as his eyes started to glow and the room erupted in screams of horror that could be heard in the streets. He was finally himself again the Destroyer of planets and a man without mercy. <p>

He stood and walked to the door opening it and the blood flowed out into the hall. He was covered in it as he walked passing cole and his staff as if it were nothing. The door to his office swung open as he walked inside. It tried to close behind him but someone prevented it. Soon he felt himself being slammed into the wall with a hand closing around his neck and another pinning his hands above his head. His blood splattered face shocked as his eyes grew wider at the man before him.

Sep 26 2014, 01:25 AM
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<div style="text-align: right; width: 310px; font-size: 8px; font-family: calibri; text-transform: uppercase; padding-top: 7px;"><a href="">BY MARLEY</a></div></center>[/dohtml]
Sep 14 2014, 03:27 PM
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Tonight was one he was going to let go and get outside of his head. With Cedric here his heart was in so much pain he couldn't handle the normal everyday working's of his brain. The Titan knew taking the night and enjoying his garden was the best way to relax and stop thinking of Hyperion or Kronos and all the drama that came with his elder brothers. The bass was heavy tonight and he had allowed himself to consume the forbidden apples. You see human drugs never worked on their kind. They could breakdown any chemical and deal with it accordingly. <p>

But you see Atlas was given a tree on the day he was born from a far of planet the tree was believed to had been the last of the mighty silver apples of immortality. With his brain he was able to splice it and grow an entire orchard of them. He then fed the tree the blood of o hydra and the apples changed to a golden hue. He consumed one and became so drugged up the apples were destroyed by his father or so the King thought. But Christian hid sapling on a distant moon and moved them with him to Earth.<p>

He had already consumed seven of them tonight from the tree inside the club so he was really fucked up so much so he was dancing in the Jungle grinding in the air striping his clothing off as a snake twisted around his form to hide his naughty bits from the would resting its head on his heart. He danced the night away mean around him seeing the same mental images he was as the apples allowed his power to run unchecked. He didn't hear the man walking up behind him until his hands were on his torso rubbing into his flesh causing him to slow his dancing grinding back into him as the snake burst into water droplets and dusted his body with a shine.<p>

He smirked so out of his head he didn't care who it was he was now rocking to the music with. It just felt right. He enjoyed his fingers on his skin biting his lip he could smell the salt and turned in the mans arms only to kiss him deeply. He knew that mouth anywhere. [b]"How did you find me in a place like this?"[b] He said grabbing a golden apple off a tray that floated by and taking a big bite leaning into his older brother. He inhaled his scent and moaned as he then lips the man's lips passing the nectar of the apple into his mouth.
May 31 2014, 02:13 PM
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It had been a while since Chris had actually taken time to get close to nature. He had been in a dark place for months and now he had finally regained his light and needed to give off all the negative energy that filled the void his light ex had left. Xane was no longer his concern nor was Jacob. Neither of them respected where they came from Jake could claim to be human all he wanted, but in his heart he knew he was created by his father and his mother was nothing more than a whore Christian chose to grow him in. Which was why he didn’t care when Jacob burning her to ash during his birthing. That in itself should have told him that he was further evolved than the ape that sent this planet to its doom.<p>

Don’t even get him started on Xane. He had to convince Cedric that a punishment was not in order. His disobedience and outright ungrateful attitude made his father erupt in rage so much so Christian had to make him remember Xane was their son. Xane might have been a child of light and control it better than most, but his father well Xane wouldn’t stand a chance of living if Hyperion snuffed out his light. So as the loving father he was Christian needed to step in and control his mate as best he could which allowed both Xane and Jacob to go off and make a humanlike life for themselves.<p>

Why was he thinking about this so early in the morning before the sun rose? The titan quickly tossed the thoughts from his mind and rolled out of bed leaving Prometheus draped in his sheets he stretched cracking his neck hearing the sirens song over the crashing of the waves slightly curious he slipped on a pair of shorts which flickered like a television set and started to play images of the nature on the islands around them.<p>

He walked into the bath room and washed his face before heading out the large carved door and towards the stairs. His footsteps were light and having marble floors worked in his benefit for there was no wood to creak. Christian started his way down the stairs so he wouldn’t wake his brothers he tried to do so without making a sound. Hyperion seemed to be in bed with Krios which didn’t surprise Christian much as the two of them always had a thing for fucking one another since before his one hundredth birth year.<p>

He had reached the second level where Krios’ room was and he was looking in at him snuggled into Cedric and they were uncovered as it would seem they just fell asleep on top of one another. Christian’s eyes held a slight violet glow as the comforter covered his brother; he smiled and walked out of the room and down the hall. Coming to another set of steps he did a backflip and landed on the foyer floor without making a sound. He had gotten good at sneaking around when needed. <p>

He made his way out into the back yard which was a complete apple orchard in the middle of the main island. Everywhere he went the fucking apples had to sprout. Golden like the sun of their home planet reflecting light throughout the trees like mirrors, it really was a sight to behold. He had made a winding path down to the beach a route he loved to take just to smell the gardenias that grew along the columns.<p>

He had Cayden to think for that. For some odd reason the boy couldn’t stop gifting them for the first two days of his life. The smaller islands all around Titan Island were also his doing. Something about it being a memory of the Islands of their home world Cid and Christian lived on. He smirked being proud of the twins growth thus far and their control when dealing with the Korrins was a complete surprise more so for Callum than Cayden. Callum being Destruction and Cayden being creation you would think Cayden would be the one in control, but without Callum he could kill a city of humans the size of New York in less than twenty minutes.<p>

”Such sweet boys.” He chuckled to himself as his feet it the sand and he walked out into the darkness his toes leaving prints in the black sand. He could see the giant whales spy hopping which made it seem like they were dancing to the sound of the mermen that sang in the lagoon down the beach. He found a piece of blue whale spine jetting out of the sand. He climbed up it and sat on the edge to watch the whales and listen to the song. He had no idea what would come out of the blue in the moon light so it caught him off guard as he had let his mind slip into a foreseeable future.

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