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Feb 28 2014, 09:07 AM
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the set was so hard his body tensed as he dropped the bass pitching the dub to hardstyle. he was the master of complex mixes as he could mix five songs with little issues. he hated being a sell out but for club reasons sometimes it cannot be help. he forced himself to play vocals from popular songs but he drew the line at boy bands. because really...fuck that noise. he dropped into a wet euphoric break and out of his left eye he spotted a man dressed to get lucky tonight. he made eye contact with him but a voice shouted out to him and his eyes left the sex god and found something more his speed. he motioned for holden to come up on stage as he set the set back to mp3 and let his tables spin for him. he pulled the other male onto the stage with him and couldn't help but pull him into a kiss. aiden rarely did this with men he slept with kissing was never his thing but pierce was different he made aiden do things he normally wouldn't do the versatile top became a power bottom in the demon's presence. he licked his lips and placed them to holden's ear smirking before he spoke. "you should take me somewhere and have your way with me."
Jan 31 2014, 03:40 AM
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Aiden D. Crawford

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<center><div style="width: 250px; font-family:GEORGIA; font-size:25px; color:#000000; line-height:90%; letter-spacing:-2.7px; text-transform:lowercase; text-align:justify; ">+-- the facts</div><div style= "width: 250px; text-align:justify;"><span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='font-family:courier new'>-----------------------------------------</span></span></div>
<div style= "width: 250px; text-align:justify;"><span style='font-family:tahoma'><span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'>

FULL NAME:aiden dylan crawford<br>
BIRTHDATE: October 31st<br>
AGE: Thirty-two.<Br>
HOMETOWN: New Orleans, Louisiana<br>
    <li>Father: GARRET CRAWFORD, 51 <li>Mother: MIRANDA CRAWFORD, 50<li>Brother: SCOTT CRAWFORD, 27<li>Brother: Jeremy Crawford, 21 <li>Son: unkown, 17<p>
    <b>001.</b>"welcome, welcome! thank you for agreeing to this interview; from what i've heard about you, you are quite fascinating! for starters, let's get your name. is there any meaning behind it?"<p>
    *gives his most charming smile at the camera* ”so you want to know my name hmmm what if i see you as being unworthy of knowing my name. i mean you are cute but i don’t know if you are that cute.” *grins* “ok ok i will tell you my name if you give me yours…..oh that’s a lovely name. since you told me i guess i can give you mine. my parents had a hard time with my name, you see my father wanted to name me dylan and my mother though adrian was a better name. they actually had a debate about it up til the day after i was born, so i was nameless for a day. my father finally gave him agreeing that my first name be aiden on one condition; that i be called aiden dylan crawford. as i got older and my brothers were born i picked up to nicknames. for some reason scottie couldn’t help but call me dylan and jerbear would rather call me dc. it’s strange only my parents call me adrian.”<p>

    "that is quite interesting! so, how old are you? do you have a birthday coming up, by chance?"<p>

    “didn’t anyone tell you it is not kind to ask someone their age…just kidding. well i am twenty five years old and i was born in february; the fourteenth to be exact. yea i’m a love baby…….sure that is why i am so charming.” *laughs* “right so my birthday will not be for around four months and i am sure my brothers are planning an party of epic proportions. ” *leans on the bar after sliding him a drink* “you know parties have always been a big thing around our house. we know how to have a good time. what can i’s in our blood.”<p>

    "oh, i see. how about your family? what are they like?"<p>

    ”so you want to learn about the people who shaped my into the man that i am today.?” *he raised his right eyebrow slightly as the man nodded* “well my family is nothing large and far from normal. my pap worked hard most of his life creating a legacy for me and my brothers. i have recently taken over the company and thinks seem to be going well.” *makes himself a jack and coke and takes a sip before continuing* “my mother, well she was a very powerful woman and you know what they say right……..that there is always a powerful woman behind a powerful man. my mother was not a girly girl, although she had famine qualities. she was a hunter a woman who took pride in being the best shot around but she simmered a bit after giving birth to scottie. speaking of scottie….he is my middle brother a very beautiful fucker with a banging body and a smile that kills i use to say mom cracked the mold with him. i do not love him no more than i love jeremy but i do hold far more respect for him even though he is a stripper. scottie and i have a close relationship i tell him everything even stuff he doesn’t want to hear.” *giggles*<p>
    “now last but surely not least is my baby brother jeremy the dirty little freak that i just can’t get enough of. he is defiantly my parents most beautiful creation but he likes self-control which i enjoy. he is a riot and is always doing something crazy. he does however do something that i do not agree with and i’m a hypocrite because i may do the same thing every once in a while. don’t get me wrong i do not make faces or think of him as being less of a person. i just want to make sure he stays a person.

    "sounds like you have a great family. but, we're here to talk about you! so tell me, what do you like to do in your spare time? if you have spare time, that is. do you work?"<p>

    “well i like long walks on the beach...” *starts laughing* “don’t give me looks of that nature. i am a very active person i guess i am always running around doing crazy things such as sky diving into the alaskan wilderness to hunt bears, deep sea diving with great whites or the occasional spelunking. though i am a ufc champ recently retired…i know retiring at twenty five doesn’t seem like a smart thing, but my girlfriend at the time begged me to stop for fear i would break something like my neck. i am thinking of going back because it was fun and i don’t mind the attention i get from it. now i am a hunter so i enjoy hunting big game mostly bears and such. i am not some hick so don’t look at me like that. i happen to speak english well and not to mention a few other languages. like my brothers i am a party animal and spent my teens raving. as for working i have two jobs one is serious and the other is just because i like it. i work alongside my siblings as a bartender here which you already know.”<p>

    <b>005.</b> "got to make money somehow, right? what are some of your favorite things? might as well talk about some of your less-than-favorite things as well, while we're at it."<p>

    “really you want to know everything don’t you…” *rolls his eyes* “well you sir, already know what i like to do in my free time.” *grabs his shirt at the bottom seam and rolls it up and off of his body* “i forgot that i am not allowed to wear this while working, but back to your question. i enjoy drinking, fucking in any style i want but i enjoy it ruff and wild. i like for my women to be freaks and my men to lay pipe right. fuck me from sun up to sun down. aside from that i love to test myself see where my limits are and try to push pass them. i enjoy cooking as i am a french trained chef. so you name it i can make it. i enjoy running and anything athletic like parkour. since i was a raver in my younger years i learned how to do poi and liquid dance. sometimes i get in a mood and have to fire dance to a nice wet beat with a euphoric melody. “<p>
"when i was fifteen i fathered a child with my english teacher. i certainly was not in love with her i was only fucking my way from a b to an a and subsequently a child was born from my sexual act with the older woman. we gave her up for adoption as it was clearly the right choice. i was far from ready to be a father and this could never get out for both our sake so a closed adoption was the best option. my brothers know nothing of what we speak of and i wish it to stay this way."

</div><div style="height:5px;"></div>
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