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Oct 30 2015, 01:03 PM
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Titan Island had changed some, as Xane could remember when it was a lot more green, but now seems to be hilly and rocky. Things around him were starting to seem less and less familiar, and he often wondered why he stayed around the island. His family probably hates him for what they thought he did, and his own father, who he cherished for a long time, now didn't even know he was more than just another fuck in the wind. What could be any worse? <p>

Xane flew until he found what appeared to be wreckage and ruin. Apparently the shifting foundations of Titan Island and the changes over three years didn't allow for the change to his former temple style home. But it didn't matter, he could fix this. Just as Xane was fixen to get to work on his new home, he felt a presence. " You can come out, I won't kill you right away." He said to the air.<p>

From the side of a tree, Bailey appeared. " You.." Xane said, " How did you find this place?" He asked.<p>

" I have known about it for a few months now, I love to come up here. The sun, the wind, its so crisp up here." He looked around, " Was this your home?" He asked.<p>

" Yeah, 3 years ago, this was my home." He said " I guess time is a cruel mistress and fate deals bad hands." Xane said disappointed. <p>

Bailey watched him move over and lift a pillar and toss it aside, as he started to clean up the space. " What are you doing?" He asked.<p>

" I'm going to rebuild, I would like to keep my land, and this island was mine though I don't know if it still is or not, but either way..." He just kept working.<p>

" I can help you." <p>

Xane stopped and looked at him, " What can you do human?" He asked looking at him.<p>

Bailey got a grin on his face, " Watch." Bailey waved both hands, holding them out in front of him after a second, "Quid hic recedemus aedificavi mihi domum fortis thats eximius ." He chanted. Suddenly, a purpleish blue aura surrounded his hands, and then the wreckage, as a flash, there was a brand new home there.<p>

Xane shielded his eyes for a second as the latin words chanted through the air, and there was a brand new house, built into the ground and moutnain side there, and it looked stunning. " It looks amazing. You are a magic user, like that kid Zachary." Xane said<p>

" Yeah, I guess so, I don't cast like he does, but I do have the power of magic." Bailey said. " Go, see your new home. I made most of it under ground for sturdiness" The duo walk towards the new house.
May 24 2014, 01:33 PM
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Xane had decided not to move in with Cayden and Callum, he was unhappy with the sarcastic rudeness that he was putting up with, and the constant dissing of not holding true to his pure racial roots. Just because he was raised around humans, and not considering the fact that he's suppose to be arrogant and self centered, all "God" like compared to these primitive humans, but he developed his father's compassion for them, and loved to hang out with them. They were the only friends he had except for his half brother Jake. Xane was happy to have Jake around when he needed him, even though both of them were separated most of the time due to different lives.<p>
On the far other side of Queensland Park Residential area, stands a large apartment complex, and Xane had an idea. He stopped by and spoke to the owner of the apartment, and talked to him about renting an apartment, but the owner said that he had no vacancies. But he did explain to Xane that he had a nice quaint 2 bedroom house that he was keeping for property real estate, and was renting it out every now and then, but he told Xane that he would sell it to him. The price was reasonable, and Xane had enough money from all his work and stuff saved to afford it and then some. He had his perfect roomie in mind. He thanks the apartment guy, and took off in his mustang. He went to the address of the house, and checked it out. He loved it, and called up his little brother on his phone.<p>
" Hey Jake, where are you? I am coming to pick you up, I have something to talk to you about." Xane said into his phone.<p>
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May 4 2014, 09:25 PM

It's been a couple of days since the beach incident and Xane has recovered to some extent. He's still mentally wounded from finding out that most of his life was a lie, and that he's got brothers that he didn't even know about, and the ones he had weren't even his full blooded ones. The new ones that he knows of are, but that's beside the point. He was angry at both his father's for not telling him about it. With Christian out doing something, Xane arrived at the company. Even though he only had claim to it by name, he had no real managerial rights to the company, but he had access to whatever he really needed to use. Xane was great with computers, always was, and always will be. He could out program any genius, hack just about any security system, and type with incredible accuracy. He wasn't bragging but he could read a book and pretty much memorize it before Hermes could deliver a letter.

Xane walked through the halls of the building wearing a light sweater, only because it was exceptionally cold in the building today, and even though the light through him kept him warm constantly like an internal heater, he was feeling kind of dim today. Ever since he found out that his younger half brother Jake left the planet, he's been depressed. Sure he and Jake didn't hang out much, but they did talk to each other some, as Xane didn't have a lot of friends, well, at least until he found out that he had twins for brothers. As Xane walked through the hallway, he approached a door that had no lock or anything on it, he just walked up to a panel and spoke out loud in Greek, " φως κομιστή" which translates to Light bearer in English. The door slid upwards and Xane walked into a room with a large protective like screen lit up with monitors like a gigantic set of screens. He walked behind a circular console like it was yanked from star trek or something, and started to work. He was looking through the cosmos for any sign of his brother's signal or energy trail. Even though Jake was half human, he'd still leave a titan's energy trail somewhere.
Mar 13 2014, 04:23 PM

Xane Summers:
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Chance Hawke
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Feb 4 2014, 10:53 PM

It was a bright day, the sun was shining, the wispy clouds were floating happy in the sky, birds singing, and everything was peachy. Just to the north of town, on a small hill overlooking the northern half of the city, and with a particularly great view right at the mega industry known as Titan Global Corp, lived a young man who was pretty remarkable.

Sure the city was full of super powered freaks who could do just about anything from run faster than light, and fly. Lift buses and deflect bullets, but there were a few who could do most all of this. A young man, with dark, short hair, looking to be about 22, wakes up and stretches out in bed. He lived alone on the hill, well, sometimes he does, and sometimes he shares the house with his brothers, but 9 times out of 10, he is alone there. He moves his cover, and allows the coolness of the house to caress his naked flesh like an seductive lover His name is Xane Summers.

Second child of his father Christian, born from the ribs of his powerful alien father, Xane is blessed with the powers of light, given the name Helios as the titan of light from Greek mythology. He gets up and takes a shower, he has a business meeting with his father. After spending some time away from him, he has returned to the city to see his dad, and bring him some great news. Typically, on any standard day, he would fly there, but today, as he didn't want to mess up his hair, he jumped into a brightly painted metlalic medium orange colored RX8 with lambda doors, and headed for his father's company.

He entered the building dressed in a bluish suit, as even though it was his father, he didn't come informally. " Good morning" he said as he passed the receptionist, and headed into his father's office. " Morning Dad." he said. After a brief reunion, Xane said, " I brought the paperwork you wanted, sorry it took so long, those pesky Armenians were just a pain in the arse." He said producing the folder from his hand. " They said that they were happy to offer their donations, and would gladly supply the necessary tools and man power to deliver what you have requested."

Xane said as he stood there, proud of his accomplishments.

(TBC by Christian first, then Jacob if he wants to enter too)
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