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 The Hunt, Tag: Slade & Cole
 Posted: Oct 27 2015, 02:09 PM
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now his main worry was his father; whom he assumed was upset for toying with slade wilson, the summers' pet. cole wasn't usually experienced with the emotion worry. it was hard to feel that with anyone aside from his dad, but luckily, he had some sort of favoritism on his side. something that others of his family never had - maybe, for the exception, of jacob.

once the mercinary was put to work, cole was able to focus solely on his dad. he wasn't really worried about slade either; the hostile man was very experienced in murder, possibly more experienced in using those toys that he placed on his back. he gazed once over the building before staring over to his dad. he could already hear the alarms; the sounds of men dropping, one by one, at the hands of the metahuman.

"i don't know." cole answered with very little hesitation, lifting his shoulders in a shrug to his dad. breeding factory. or a hunting tool. both had so many promises, though he seemed that an impregnated, old man like slade would just be more grouchier than usual. "both, i guess." either way, slade was here to stay. and he caught cole's interest like no other.

 Posted: Nov 3 2015, 11:38 AM
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He glanced over his boy smirking at the way he answered him. It was funny only Cole could get away with shrugging at him even Jacob would have been smacked into the earth for doing something like that. He really was his favorite. It had to have something to do with his personality being so close to Hyperion's.

What was it Cole wanted? he never really invaded his children's minds too much not that he couldn't it was just simply something he tried to keep himself from doing for trust reasons. He floated closer to Cole and wrapped his arms around him. Cole even smelled like his father and damn this made Christian thirsty.

God no he wasn't going to not here and he had not asked Cole for such things in some time. He found that to be bad parenting and didn't want to be like his own fathers screwing his children even if they had bodies like this. he bit his lip as he thought about how good Cole could use his assets.

He had to pull himself together to continue is talk. "You know whatever you plan on doing with him is fine with me just don't murder him and I won't mind. He is very useful and unlike Gabriel he has this air about him that makes me hungry for war. I like it. It's probably the same thing that pulls you to him. He is a cheeky bastard but most humans are." He could see Slade has acquired his package and was moving out to him, but he noticed the guards pulling together to stop him. "Kill them all Deathstroke." he spoke clearly and Slade could hear him even though he was so far away.

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