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 Posted: Oct 22 2015, 06:18 PM
© Jordan [Power Versatile] // Offline
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[It was a bit odd to be back on Earth again after the long civil war back on Orthys but Adrian adapted to what became almost like a second home of sorts for him. Granted, it was a primitive backwards planet filled with lesser beings and an unusually high amount of Empowered but still a home nonetheless . Soon though...he knew it would change....if his now possibly mad brother did not decide to set it on fire first. For now though, he was focusing on other member of his family/

He had not seen the twins since before he headed back to Orthys to fight in the civil war five years ago and he wanted to see how Caylin and Cylin grew. Adrian knew that the Orthyean side of their powers would kick and they would physically be in the human equivalent in their early 20's now and he wanted to see how his great-nephews and their powers grew. It was easy enough for him to dive into the pool at his penthouse and travel from there to the lake in the twins' home, easily avoiding the giant anaconda as he appeared as water and shifted to human form before landing on solid ground. "Now now, I am not a threat....but I will be if you try to hurt me. I doubt your master would like that he said with a smile as he looked around and admired what Cayden had done with the building.

 Posted: Oct 24 2015, 01:12 AM
© Chris [Virgin] // Offline
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gravity's holding us down

Cylin had just been in a fight at school his body was splattered with the remains of three out of the five guys who tried to pick a fight with Caylin. No one fucked with his brother and he would kill anyone who thought of doing so. He wasn't much of a fighter since join the rugby team. So he was trying to be diplomatic and defuse the situation, but you know gangstas try to act all big and bad. He couldn't allow anyone to touch his brother so he did what a snake would do if backed into a corner.

When he entered the building he folded his arms seeing some odd person standing in the middle of the atrium. Two spheres large enough to house a human bounced through the door behind him screaming could be heard coming from them. He didn't acknowledge the man first he continued to walk deeper into the room. "Oh how nice of you to return little warrior now I can ask if I can eat this one...." The snake spoke to Cylin but noticed the balls that bounced behind his master and nodded his head.

"You know that isn't a human and will give you indigestion. I also brought you two humans that deserve to be eaten both plump and full of fear just the way you like them." The balls popped and the two humans dropped o the floor. Before they could move Cylin smirked and the Andaconda's tail wrapped around both of them.

"Oh you know screaming will not help you I happen to not be as forgiving as my beautiful flawless brother. You see he is the good twin and well I like watching Manda eat." He shrugged and the snake slowly swallowed the first human. He felt the snake lay its head on top of his own. "This one begged for my forgiveness after I dismembered his crew. I think its only natural to let hi get a running star."

The snake uncoiled and let the human fgo who ran towards Adrian in hopes the beefcake of a man would help. Cylin's hand stroked the chin of his pet and sighed watching the human run. The sigh was all Manda needed as he sprung forward his teeth digging into flesh sending blood all over as he captured his pry and spun into a heavy coil and the sound of bones crushing make Cylin adjust himself.

His eyes wine colored eyes met Adrian's as Manda went into his lair to digest his food. "Caylin did you crate another water man to give you baths?" He questioned his twin who was finally coming inside. Caylin didn't much like the way Cylin was when he got angry seeing him that way made Caylin want to join in his madness. Which Cylin forbade him from doing so. Only one of them would me a killer. He wouldn't allow his brother to dirty his hands. Caylin way pure and Cylin wanted to keep it that way.

☆lets turn this planet around☆
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