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 ZACHARY ZATARA, 23 | Zatara | Max Schneider
 Posted: Oct 9 2015, 07:50 PM
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Justice Squad

Zachary A. Zatara
Justice Squad
Homo Magi
key facts

Ever since he was a little kid, Zachary was always into magic and performing,, even putting on shows for his friends using sleight of hand and other tricks while having the dreams of putting on shows like his cousin and his father did with sold out places around the world. Little did he know that he would get the chance to do that and more when he hit puberty and his abilities as a Homo Magi came forth

He soon gained gained fame himself, not only for his youthful and energetic shows across the world but fighting against those mystical beings that sided with evil and darkness. So, when the offer came to join Young Justice, he took it immediately, partly because he saw it as a way to increase his fame while kicking ass at the same time.

Zachary's power is similar to his cousin Zanadu's in that he needs to read or speak the spells he plans to cast backwards to achieve effects such as elemental control and opening portals.

However the main difference between him and his cousin's power is that he can't use it to directly affect living beings beyond teleportation or summoning which is a block he works at daily to overcome.

Once most of the team began to age out of Young Justice and leave, Zachary focused on his career as a performer full time until he heard some of his old teammates were forming a new team, he came back to the life of a hero to join Justice Squad especially when he knew the love of his life, Garth was involved.

He has currently been dating fellow teammate Garth for three years now with a relationship that went to friends to fuckbuddies to falling in love with one another and honestly Zachary couldn't be happier


While he would never admit this in public to anyone, Zachary admits it has been Garth who has made him a better man. He used to be cocky, flashy and arrogant but that along with a little help of the wisdom of age, helped him to simply be confident and focused now with everything from fighting villains to his shows

He has been secretly trying to track down what happened to his uncle and maybe bring him back home with the help of his cousin once he finds his location

He secretly fears he'll never be as great as a performer or mage as Zanadu because he can't affect living beings with his magic like he can.

Jordan | USA (EST)| Max Schneider

 Posted: Oct 9 2015, 10:30 PM
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yasss zachary! i love him so much and garth probably loves him more can't wait to see them teaming up both in and our of their suits, it should be good. ;D
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